Rational philosophy of morality, wikipedia

Rational moral philosophy is based on the realization of the Moebius effect and how contradictions are in fact improvement potential that can be released by finding a compromise that reduces the effects of the contradiction. In essence it is the science of internalizing previously externalized cost thus improving the whole.

The logic of rational moral philosophy is as following:

all statements underly the Moebius effect

Axiom: To exist is preferable over not to exist

Utility: Ensure existence -> make sure you do not die

Assumption: To exist is easier with the support of others

Assumption: Others share my axiom

Assumption: Others understand my assumptions

Assumption: The cost of deceit is higher than the utility of manipulation

Utility: Explain assumptions to others => communicate your thoughts

Utility: Be honest => do not hide anything

Assumption: Some neither share my axiom nor my assumptions

Utility: Respect all others as much as yourself and let them be => know others but stay true to yourself

Assumption: The more that share this knowledge the better for everyone

Utility: Help others to understand the Moebius effect to reinforce the positive feedback loop => be the change

Assumption: Nobody is perfect

Utility: Be forgiving and understanding

Utility: Strive for perfection through self improvement in becoming a mesoist

Assumption: Sometimes things go wrong despite all good will

Utility: Know and manage your existential risks and opportunities

Assumption: There is a limit for humans beyond which self improvement is not worth the effort

Utility: Create post human level rationality

공리公理 axiom: 존재하는 것은 존재하지 않는 것 보다 좋다.

공리工利 utility: 항상 존재해야 하므로 존재하는 것들은 죽지 않는다. (이하 모두 공리工利 utility)

가정 assumption: 존재하는 것은 다른 것들의 도움으로 더 쉬워진다.

가정: 타인들도 나와 공리를 받아들인다.

가정: 타인들도 내 가정을 이해해 받아들인다.

가정: 솜씨있게 다루는 것이 속이는 것보다 낫다.

공리: 내 가정을 남들에게 설명한다.

공리: 정직하게 남들을 대한다.

가정: 누구도 내 공리나 가정을 받아들이지 않는다.

공리: 타인을 자신처럼 존중하며 타인을 그들이 원하는 대로 내버려 두게 한다.

가정: 이 지식을 공유하는 것이 모두를 위해 낫다.

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