Happy B-day cards from SPECIAL friends (Pete)

Dear Byunghang,

Happy Birthday Byunghang. I drove up to 519 last week, and behold, there was your car under it’s cover… reminding me that you will come back. What a cool thought. Your mom’s watercolor is on the wall, too, also triggering good memories of deep conversations. Who else do I know who reads NT Wright and Viktor Frankl in Korean and English? Who else could properly introduce us to Korean BBQ, induce me to read The Three Kingdoms, and watch Red Cliff for 5 hours? A birthday is supposed to be a time when you get gifts, but I am thinking of all the gifts you have given me. The best gift is your honesty and character as you’ve shared the challenge of life with me. So have a *blessed* day and a blessed year ahead!

Your older brother in Christ,


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Stanford Grad Student
이 글은 Thanksgiving 카테고리에 분류되었습니다. 고유주소 북마크.

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